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"I love to inspire women to find their voice, to creatively express their wisdom and to complete their mission, their calling in life.
I call this Mastering Your Message.

"Too often we become paralysed with fear...fear of others...fear of ourselves...fear of failure or success.

"My calling is to help women to find their voice, to clarify their message, and to still that voice of fear by building confidence, developing new skills, challenging mindsets and fostering a heart-set of passion, which I do through the not-for-profit I founded,
Women Can International Inc."

"My strength lies in helping women to transform their ideas into reality, which I do through my business,
The Creaticians

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"The challenge is not to change, but to become."— Hayley Solich

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Write Your Book in 30 Days with Hayley Solich

Learn how to plan the writing of your book, so you can get that book done and dusted and open the doors that only a book can open!

Do you have a book inside you that is busting to get out?

Have you been thinking to yourself for years now, if only...
If only I knew where to start.
If only I had someone to help me stay on track, to bounce ideas with and help me to structure my book.
If only I could feel confident about my writing!

The truth is that most people feel fear when they approach writing their book, even people who have excellent writing skills and have been writing books for years. It is just a fear of the unknown.

I can help you overcome your fears, get a clear outline of what you want to write, and even help you to create content in your book that will help you craft a book you can be proud of for years to come.

I can help you by: 1. 1-to-1 Author Coaching 2. Group Workshop - Write Your Book in 30 Days Workshop 3. Online Training - Write Your Book in 30 Days Online Program 4. Publishing Project Management, taking your book from concept through to Printing and Distribution

Debb Oxby shares her experience at Hayley's
Write Your Book in 30 Days Workshop